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simple, fast, fun, awesome, finally.

Contact details
I hate data entry! Vision has only the details you need. Add what you want, ignore the rest. Vision stays out of your way so you can work better and faster.

Activity Scheduling & Logging
Schedule follow ups. Log past activities. Vision reminds you of upcoming meetings and phone calls. Adding activities only takes a few seconds. Activity Presets make it even faster.

Your Pipeline
In sales, right now matters. What do you do today? Vision tells you. Log in, do your work, and get out. The Pipeline view helps you focus on the precise work you need to do today.

Milestone Maps
Who's hot and who's not? Milestone Maps help streamline your sales process. They help you see quickly what your next step is with each contact. Sales is about closing hot prospects.

Monitor your activy...but not with boring charts and tables. Vision simplifies data-crunching and spits out recommendations. It's like having your own personal assistant!

They Can't Stop Talking About Vision!

"I just took a look at your CRM Solution. I absolutely love how simple it is to use."

James McGary, Mission Viejo, CA
Investment Advisor, Bullseye Investment Group
"I never really liked using CRM systems to manage my contacts because they require so much of my time. Then I found Vision Pipeline Assistant. It's so simple to use that data entry takes only a few minutes each day and yet I have everything I actually need right at my fingertips. After 3 months I still actually use it!"

Tony Coil, Canyon Lake, CA
VP Agent Development, Windem Real Estate
"Vision Pipeline truly is my assistant!  It is so amazing to be able to schedule my follow-ups in such an easy format and then feel the complete release...I know that I will be reminded of the follow-up needed.  I have used other CRM’s in the past that were so much work to use that I gave up.  With Vision Pipeline, it is so user friendly that anyone can use it and improve their customer relationships immediately!"

Jean Schneider, Hillsboro, OR
Head Designer, Jean’s Web Design
"Priceless!  Whether utilized by an entire corporation or an independent professional... finally a contact management system which provides the perfect balance of simplicity, power, and organization."

Nate J. Ver Burg, Bellevue, WA
CEO, Elevated Ideas
"I don't currently have a need for your service, but I love the interface and it's definitely the way of the future."

Prefers to remain anonymous
CEO, Software Company
"The ability to tailor this software to my industry’s needs makes client follow up so much less daunting. Because I can customize the pipeline for my industry needs, I save hours on client follow up."

Brenton Woolworth, Laguna Hills, CA
The Insurance Agent Guru
"Vision Pipeline Assistant has been an excellent tool in managing contacts and scheduled follow ups. What I like most about the system is how easy it is to use but still covers every aspect and then some. I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to stay organized and be 2 steps ahead of their competitors. "

Werner Marksfeld, Phoenix, AZ
Clinic Director, Core Chiropractic
"I've performed sales for Fortune 500's and my own entrepreneurial endeavors and have never come across a sales tool as efficient as Vision Pipeline Assistant. It's quick, easy and as straightforward as it gets! "

Justin Ver Burg
Owner, Funny Dummy
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What users say:
"I just took a look at your CRM Solution. I absolutely love how simple it is to use. "

James McGary, Owner
Bullseye Investment Group
"I've performed sales for Fortune 500's and my own entrepreneurial endeavors and have never come across a sales tool as efficient as Vision. It's quick, easy and as straightforward as it gets!"

Justin Ver Burg, Owner
Funny Dummy
"Most contact management systems are too complicated and don't even provide what I really need. Vision Pipeline Assistant is fast, simple and gives me what I need without frustration."

Arne Valum, President
Windem Real Estate
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